Mighty Trace System for CPC

Mighty Trace System is a workflow management solution for cell processing centers in regenerative medicine industry.   It is filled with 3 main features that conforms to the regenerative medicine regulations in Japan: 
(1) support the management of workflow process in the cell processing center (CPC)
(2) evidence (artifact) gathering and tracking
(3) use of biometric authentication to avoid misidentification errors.

Main Features
- complies with the rules and regulations of safe handling of regenerative medicine in Japan
- offers patient management (including anonymous naming), CPC workflow management, scheduling of cell processing
- offers easy to create new procedures and work protocols
- implements QR code, biometric authentication as part of workflow management process
- provide features that are compliant to the guidelines in saving of Electronic Record / Electronic Signature (ER/ES) by the Ministry of Health in Japan such as Log-in Restrictions, Time Stamp recording, Approval Process, Operation Logging, Restricted Editing of Records, etc
- on-site worry-free maintenance for hospitals and CPC centers (Mighty Trace System is a web application solution) 

* Currently Mighty Trace System is in Japanese only.  For more product details please go here.  (in Japanese only)

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Mighty Trace System is developed by AIS, Inc., a member of Ubicom Holdings group.