Mighty SPD

With users from large hospital institutions to small-to-medium size medical clinics, we have developed a new compact and cost-effective solution to manage medical inventories.  By implementing a 2-D barcode system in logistics processing, the use of insurance billing labels to avoid billing mistakes, and inventory management starting from the ordering process, our solution will improve the efficiency of the daily inventory management operations.
Furthermore, we make it easy for our clients to install and operate the system by providing the support to setup the master database, by providing the operating manual and by helping in the preparation.  We listen to the unique needs of each of our customer and create proposals how to meet those needs and achieve the most value of our solution.  

*Currently Mighty SPD is in Japanese version only.  Please click here for more product details (in Japanese only).   

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*Might SPD is a product of AIS, Inc., a member of Ubicom Holdings group of companies.