Mighty Checker Series

The Mighty Checker series of products are a proven solution that is currently being used by more than 10,000 medical institutions in Japan.  Improving the accuracy of medical claims, and the efficiency in validity checking, is vital to any medical service provider.  

Our Mighty Checker series of products provide vital solutions in the age of online processing of medical claims.   Aside from being an inspection and countermeasure tool against erroneous refund claims, our product provides the essential calculation functionality feature by default, for more  user-friendly and viable solution.

Mighty Checker Pro, by using its proprietary database, will automatically review and check each billing claim on the corresponding disease name, prescription drug and medical service data, which are taken from the medical accounting system, to properly generate the proper billing. 

Key Features:
  • Provides the related checks on the medical service to prevent refund reductions.
  • Checks for errors in the calculation or in the descriptions/comments to prevent erroneous billings.
  • Offers monthly updates of database.  Medical institutions can tune up the database on their own as well.   
  • Allows simple way of processing uncoded injuries and disease names by having the standard medical naming conversion functionality among its default features.
  • Proven product reliability as shown in our track record of more than 10,000 installations in Japan.
  • Can work together with existing medical accounting systems

Note:  As of the moment, MightyChecker Pro is only available in Japanese version.   For more details, please go to the product site here.  (in Japanese only)



*Mighty Checker Pro is part of AIS, Inc's product solution.   AIS, Inc. is part of Ubicom Holdings group of companies.  
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