Global Division

From research to design, from development to deployment, best of class engineering talent for your global outsourcing needs.

For more than 20 years, the Global Division has continuously provided quality software engineering services - from rapid prototyping to design, from development to product testing, from testing to deployment and maintenance. Among our clients are leading Japanese and global technology corporations.

Utilizing our centers of excellence in the Philippines, China and Japan, we offer not only Japanese standard level of quality, but cost-effective services and solutions in global outsourcing.  Furthermore, the recent rapid economic growth of the ASEAN region (particularly the Philippines*, where our biggest development center is based) not only helps sustain the growth of our core business by continuously providing us with better and larger pool of top engineering talent, it also provides us with new business opportunities to explore.  Aside from software development, we are expanding to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, automated software testing and mobile technology related services and solutions - expanding our market from Japan to Asia, and, to the rest of the world.

(*Based on the World Bank Data, the Philippines has consistently maintained over 6% average GDP growth from 2010-2014, marking it one of best economic performers in the region.)

  • Embedded Software Design and Development
  • Device Drivers Development and R&D
  • Quality Verification and Software Testing
  • Globalization and Global Deployment Support Services