Medical Division

Offering information technology solutions to professionals and organizations in the medical industry to help them achieve higher service quality and more efficient management.

In Medical Solutions Division, we focus on giving the best IT solutions and services to the medical industry.  With the release of Mighty Checker Cloud in April 2015, we lead the way in providing new and innovative services and solutions. Aiming to capture the majority market share in Japan in this segment, Mighty Checker Cloud allows us to expand our market reach to new potential customers in the medical claims validity checking business.

Moreover, with our deep competency and know-how in this field, we enhance our business model to offer not just product solutions, but value-added services such as data mining and consultation.  For your medical solutions needs, please consult with us today.


  • Medical Claims Validity Check Software (Mighty Checker) 
  • Ordering Check Software for Hospitals (Mighty Qube)
  • Hospital Logistics Management System (Mighty SPD)
  • Cell Processing Center (CPC) Audit & Workflow Mgt System (Mighty Trace)
  • Customized Solutions and Development Services