Application Development

With strong track record of successful collaborations with well known Japanese corporations in the field of finance, retail, and manufacturing, we assure you of quality services from our globally sourced application development teams. 

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Software Testing

World-class quality assurance and software testing solutions and services.

With more than 15 years of providing end-to-end verification services, our child company, Advanced World Systems, has continued its commitment to offer world class software testing services to leading multinational technology corporations.

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Embedded Software Development

Smart, connected devices are revolutionizing today’s industries. This allows for stronger customer connection, insight, and new revenue streams for enterprises that embrace these opportunities.  

Our embedded development services offers product developers a way to reduce development costs without sacrificing quality and speed.

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Mighty Checker Series

The Mighty Checker series of products are a proven solution that is currently being used by more than 10,000 medical institutions in Japan.  Improving the accuracy of medical claims, and the efficiency in validity checking, is vital to any medical service provider.  

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Mighty SPD

Logistics and Inventory Management System for your cost management needs.  From large hospitals to clinical institutions, we offer a cost-competitive logistics and inventory management system that is packed with a compact set of required functionalities, making it simple not complex.   Try it now and make Mighty SPD work for you. 

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Mighty Trace System for CPC

Mighty Trace System is a workflow management solution for cell processing centers in regenerative medicine industry.   It is filled with 3 main features that conforms to the regenerative medicine regulations in Japan: 
(1) support the management of workflow process in the cell processing center (CPC)
(2) evidence (artifact) gathering and tracking
(3) use of biometric authentication to avoid misidentification errors.

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